Friday, September 4, 2009

Exciting opportunities this week

In the last week we've had some exciting opportunities to be teaching the Bible.

Last Friday Sarah read Colossians with a friend. It was refreshing for Sarah and the friend described it as "like water in the desert". We read 14 verses in Spanish and then talked about it (in English and Spanish) using the light bulb, question mark and arrow framework.

On Sunday Pete met with a leader from church who is keen to be running something to train the uni age people. After discussion it was decided that Pete will teach the Moore College Introduction to the Bible course regularly on Sunday nights.

Yesterday Pete went to the leaders meeting for the Christianity Explored course which is due to start this week. He discovered that he was leading the meeting as he was introduced. But it was a great time encouraging 20 leaders to be leading groups to help people read Mark and let God's powerful word do it's work.

Pete has also been preparing his teaching notes for a course in another Latin American country next week. He'll be teaching Intro to the Bible to 12 pastors who will then train other teachers. Lillian (Sarah's tutor) checked his translation of some of his notes, and he was pleasantly surprised by how impressed she was with his Spanish. It will still be necessary to use a translator for much of the time.

It's exciting to see the way that God is opening doors for us, and then equipping us to step through them. It's also exciting to see people around us asking for help to understand the Bible and grow as Christians.

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