Thursday, April 8, 2010

A week in Chile

I've just returned from a great week in Chile. It was a two part trip - each part being quiet different.

I began at a rural conference centre just outside Temuco, about 600km south of Santiago. It was a beautiful spot - a bit like being in rural Tasmania. Green, cold, really nice! I spent the Easter weekend there with the Scarratts and about 35 students studying 'Introduction to the Bible'. Most of the students are doing an Education Degree and this was part of their accreditation so they could formally teach 'religion' in schools (Australian readers - this is the equivalent of School Scripture). It was a great class, lots of questions and discussion and because it was a residential conference there was plenty of time for personal discussion as well (as well as a couple of games of table tennis!)

On Sunday afternoon I returned to Santiago and spent two days visiting various people within the Anglican Diocese in Chile to discuss the ways they are using the Moore College material and learn from them. I stayed with our good friends Michael and Jo Charles - and it was a great time of catching up with them. I also got to feel my first earthquake! It wasn't a very big one, only 4.9 but the epicentre was only 45km away so it was actually pretty strong. Enough to make me put out a hand to rest on the wall and make the glasses clatter.

Of course Santiago suffered a big earthquake a few weeks ago and some of the damage is obvious. In the photo I've included you can see how one bridge shifted. The guide rails you can see used to join up and now are separated by about a metre (horizontally) and about 40cm (vertically).

As always, thanks for your interest and support.

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