Friday, September 17, 2010

It's a real dud being sick

It's a real dud being sick - as I'm experiencing at the moment. Nothing serious, just a heavy head cold and a sore throat that makes me sound like I smoke half a packet before breakfast each day.

But there's something about being sick in a foreign country. I don't know what it is - its just different. The doctors and medical staff here are great (if you are fortunate to be able to afford them, which thanks to CMS we are). They have some slightly unusual customs and when I was recently giving blood for a test and asked the nurse 'Is it red?' she just kindof looked at me. But apart from that, everything is fine.

I think what it is, is that when you are sick, you want everything to be just that little bit easier and more comfortable. You'd prefer it if some of the hassles of everyday life just went away for a few days while you got back to normal. And the reality of our life here is that life isn't as easy and comfortable as what it would be if we were in Australia. Again - nothing dramatic - just the vibe. We have security considerations in our mind here which we wouldn't have in Australia. We have language issues, we have fewer friends and different relationships.

When you're sick, I reckon those differences become a bit more apparent.

By the way, the photo is our 'official' CMS snap for 2011. We took it two weeks ago in a canyon not far from here.

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