Monday, January 24, 2011

A quick update on courses

Just wanted to let you know of some good things that are happening at the moment.

Last week, and this week, there is an 'intensive' class running for staffworkers of COMPA - the Mexican IFES group. 10 staffworkers have gathered from all corners of Mexico here in Monterrey, at the house of our friends John and Jan to have a 'mini-sabbatical' of study and fellowship while the uni students are on holidays.

The aim is that each student will complete (including doing the exams) 3 MOCLAM courses in 2 weeks. Last week I taught New Testament 1 to one group, while another group did Old Testament 2. This week, I'm John and I are teaching Old Testament 1, while one of the more experienced students is teaching Creation to New Creation to a couple of newbies, and two others are helping each other through Reformation Church History. In their free time they are reading Doctrine 1 by themselves.

Its been a great time so far, and promises to continue this week. Amongst the study there is plenty of time for discussing other issues, eating and mucking around.

So - good things happening here.

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