Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A new world record??

Hello blog world,

After a bit of an absence I'm back.

We've been in Australia for the last 6 months visiting our link churches, meeting wonderful supporters and doing all sorts of bits and pieces. We head back to Mexico in 2 weeks - so we're now in the zone of the list of things we need to do is getting longer, not shorter (and writing this is not on the list).

But, there is some exciting news I want to share.

That is - and I have yet to confirm this - but I think we have a new world record on our hands. A man studying the ThC program in Spanish has just become (I think) the oldest person to finish the ThC. (That's all 18 subjects of the Moore College PTC program).

José Luis is 72 and lives on 'Island C'. He's a great student, an excellent teacher and has an average mark I wish I could have achieved! He was in the very fist class that I taught on the island in 2009 and has since made excellent progress through his subjects.

I'm looking forward to seeing him in October and presenting him with his certificate.


Anthony Douglas said...

It's a great achievement - but I confess I'm even more excited that Jose Luis is likely retired, but definitely not tired. I love it when people are still running hard when they're expected to be too old!

Peter Sholl said...

World record update. I can confirm that it is a record for the Spanish speaking world, but not for English speaking. There is a man in Sydney who is over 80 who recently received his ThC (although he took about 40 years to complete the certificate!) Jose Luis began in 2009!