Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day off trickiness

Today I was doing a bit of planning for the remainder of the year. There are a couple of busy months coming up including a long (4+ weeks) trip and some weekend things. In the midst of that planning, an age old question has arisen. When do you say "no" - I just need to have a rest?

On one hand, the answer is obvious. You say no when you need to.

But its never quite as simple as that is it. I mean, if the thing I was saying no to was a waste of time or pointless, then we wouldn't be having this discussion. No would have been the answer a long time ago.

The problem is, the things that are filling my diary are neither a waste of time nor pointless. In fact, they are exactly the sorts of things I am here to do. Teach courses, participate in workshops, meet and encourage leaders.

You can see (and I'm sure resonate from your own experience) the problem.

Added to that is that fact that out of necessity (due to the availability of those who are coming) many of these things happen on the weekend. Saturday is our family day off. We try and do something together - go to a park or have an adventure somewhere. It is an important thing for the health of our family to do these sorts of things.

But me teaching a course means that family day doesn't happen. I'm led to believe they all have a reasonable time while I'm away - but its not the same. Certainly not the same for me.

Yes - I can usually take a day or so off sometime during the week if I need to, but its not like a Saturday, because the normal stuff of life carries on.

And so - day off trickiness is the result.


Joshua Kuswadi said...

Let me know when you've solved the problem :-)

This year, since Tom starting school we've instigated Friday Family Fun Night. Works well most weeks and hopefully leads into Sat days off. However, here I am today working, after giving a talk this morning. I guess some weeks the weekday will be my day off, with after school time the family time.

Somehow the flexibility helps me feel less legalistic as I grapple with the trickiness.

Peter Sholl said...

When I solve it - you can buy my book!

I suspect there will be no magic solution. However, I have been more careful at juggling travels so I am home on the weekend when I can be. I'm just organising my next trip and with a bit of creative thinking I've been able to engineer 4 days at home (including a weekend day) in the midst of more than 4 weeks on the road.