Sunday, March 29, 2009

A few photos of normal life

We're now getting settled into our new house. Our stuff hasn't arrived yet, but we are hopeful it might happen this week.

On Friday we're going on a 2000km road trip to Guadalajara - across the other side of Mexico. We're going to VIVE09, a student missions conference run by COMPA - the Mexican IFES group. It'll be a week with 700 students doing Bible study, singing, praying, doing seminars and mucking around. Should be fun, but also exhausting for all.

Meanwhile, here's a few snaps of our house and surrounds.

This is looking up our street. Our house is behind the blue bin.

A couple of weeks ago we went to a waterfall where they had kids rides and picnic stuff. This is a twisty, deep fried potato with sauce!

This is the view across the valley - taken just down the hill from our house.

Karina washing the car. Because we're on the edge of the desert, its very dusty so we have to do lots of cleaning!


Deb T. said...

Hi Pete & Sarah,
I like your photos. Can I publish this post in our TAT Chat newsletter for all our non-bloggers?

michael jensen said...

There's a heartattack right there in that twisty potato!