Thursday, March 19, 2009

Updated prayer points March 19 2009

We are very grateful for the large number of people we know are praying for us as we settle into Mexico. Its been a great encouragement to have requests for additional prayer points and information  - so here are some up to date points.

* Sarah has been quite sick over the last two weeks. She has been suffering from a very heavy flu which kept her in bed for a week, and meant she had no voice for 5 days. We are thankful to God that he has healed her and she is feeling much better, although would still like an afternoon snooze!

* Lucy has been struck with a lesser version of the same disease so had to take two days off school (including her birthday yesterday). She went to school today but is about to head off to the doctor.

* Everyone else is well!

* We are moving into our new house tomorrow (Friday). This is a great answer to prayer and we will enjoy the new space this will give us. Its also a little closer to school so the morning routine will be shorter.

* We are thankful that we have been able to start assembling the furniture we need and are praying that deliveries will come as promised.

* We still don't know when the goods we shipped will arrive - however we now have confirmation that they will be arriving in Monterrey - not a port 550km away! (It has taken a while to arrange this!) Pray that our goods would arrive soon.

* We are very thankful to God for answering our prayers about school for the kids. All three of them are really enjoying FORMUS, have great teachers and have started making friends. They are not too phased by the fact that everything is in Spanish, and have said how it is starting to 'seep' into their heads.

* Pete has been at fulltime language school for 3 weeks - and while has learnt a lot and made good progress, is feeling very overwhelmed. Next week he will have a 1-1 week with the teacher reviewing what has been done so far.

* Sarah has been out of action for a while in terms of language, but is getting back into it now. You could pray that she would find someone who will be a good language helper.

* We have decided to join a large Presbyterian church here, and people have been very welcoming. Pete has been invited to join the men's group (but due to family illness hasn't been able to go yet), Sarah has been to the house of one lady, and the kids have started going to Sunday school. There is a good kid's program at the church, which is good because church goes for 2 hours.

* We are very thankful for a couple of Mexican people who have been amazingly helpful to us. David and Claudia, and Vicente and Adriana have spent many hours helping us with jobs, getting things sorted out. Please thank God for them.

* Please pray that as we move into our new house that we would establish a godly household and not get too caught up in getting things sorted out. We've already met one of our neighbors (when he ran into our car) and they have kids the same age as ours - so we are hoping we will develop a good friendship there.

Thanks for your prayers.

You might also be interested to see a short movie I have made. You can download it at

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josh said...

Hi Pete,

We prayed for your family at the year 7-8 youth group this morning at St Matthias Centennial Park. We were finishing up a series looking at Philippians and had co-incidentally planned to pray for some missionaries this morning. It was apt that Paul spends the last part of his letter thanking them for their partnership.

The kids were interested by and I was especially thankful for the visual aid of the video you put up online! They're all a bit older than your girls (12-13 yrs) but I think it helped them to get a better picture in their heads. They loved the novelty of rows of green taxis and school uniforms with names on them!

We split up into twos and threes and they prayed for the prayer points you shared here, too :)