Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting back to 'normal'

After 2 weeks of swine flu lockdown and a week of 'all over the place', we feel like we are slowly getting back to normal. (Just in time for the summer holidays which are rapidly approaching!)

As you can see by the picture a new item has been added to the school uniform, although most of the kids take it off after walking through the front gate. Swine flu is still a big topic of conversation here, and many end of year school events like concerts, presentations and sports finals have been cancelled due to the government restricting gatherings of people.

School has been extended by a week to try and make up for lost ground, and I (Pete) am having extra classes at Uni to make up for the ones that were lost during the lockdown.

At church we have stated the Rick Warren '40 days of purpose' program, which means small groups have been formed for the 6 week period only. Sarah's group is on Monday night, starts at 9pm and finishes with a massive meal! Mine is on Tuesday nights  - and our pastor makes a guest appearance each week via video! Its been interesting to see how they 'do' small groups here in Mexico.

Tomorrow we welcome Grahame and Patty Scarratt to stay with us for a week or so, and we'll also be hosting Rico Tice (of 'Christianity Explored'). The course has been translated into Spanish and there is a conference here this week promoting it, and the Moore College courses. We're really looking forward to having the Scarratts here - it will be great see have some familiar faces around.

We're also getting back to 'normal' in that we're both feeling overwhelmed and inadequate in our language proficiency. Its going to take a long time!

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