Monday, June 1, 2009

My first 'work trip'

I (Pete) have just come back from my first 'work trip'. Once I start doing more MOCLAM work I'll be doing quite a few of these, so it was a good taste of what is to come.

I went to Mexico City (called D.F. by Mexicans) for a 2 day conference promoting the 'Christianity Explored' course. The course author, Rico Tice has been travelling around Latin America for 5 weeks with Grahame and Patty Scarratt promoting the course and encouraging people to evangelise their friends using Mark's gospel.

Last week the roadshow came to Monterrey and I then joined in on the trip to D.F. 

It was a great couple of days for quite a few reasons.

1. I got to hear some really encouraging talks in English (Rico spoke in English and was translated). It was refreshing to be fed in my own language!

2. I had a great couple of days of fellowship with Rico as we compared notes and enjoyed a massive steak at an Argentinian steak house.

3. I had a great time staying with fellow CMS missos Charlie and Kathryn Fletcher. Charlie works with COMPA, the Mexican IFES group. It was encouraging and refreshing to spend time with them, hear what is happening in COMPA and be a sounding board for some exciting developments concerning their long-term staffworker training. 

4. Perhaps most of all, it was great to meet a whole lot of Mexican people who were keen to take God's word seriously and put in the hard yards of teaching it to others. I was able to discuss ways in which the Moore College courses could be used in various scenarios - including as the base syllabus for a new seminary which is being planned for Mexico. This was a long conversation and would never have happened via email or phone. It was one of those classic cases where you have to hang around with people for a while, and the conversations arise.

The only down side to the whole thing was that I came home to find everyone sick with runny noses. It seems to be an affliction which is hitting many people in Monterrey at the moment (no - its not the swine flu, just a common cold) so I am awaiting my turn.

By the way, many of you will know that we are here because CMS is supporting us. I hope you can see that even though it costs them a fair bit of money, trips like this and the positives that come of it are well worth it. Of course CMS needs supporters so they can look after us, so can I remind you of the current CMS appeal

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Gordon Cheng said...

Pete, really glad and thankful that you have enjoyed fellowship with the Fletchers. They are terrific people and I thank God for their ministry. Ex Melbourne Uni CU, which is where I know them from.

I hope and pray that your partnership in the gospel brings them and you great joy.