Friday, June 1, 2012

Teaching this weekend

I'm about to head to the airport to go to Tampico - a city down on the Gulf of Mexico - where I'll be teaching an intensive of Old Testament 1 tomorrow.

The way this has all worked out is a great example of networking, relationship and who knows who.

I was originally invited to go to Tampico because of friend of mine here has a cousin there who is part of a great church. They had heard about 'The Trellis and the Vine' ('El enrejado y la vid' in Spanish) and wondered if I'd go down and do a day seminar for local pastors.

I did, and it was great.

Then, the pastors asked me if I could help them in their training, so we talked about the MOCLAM courses, and off we went.

We came up with a mode of delivery which works really well. I go and teach a 5 hour intensive on Saturday morning, which gives them an introduction to the course and we work through 3 or 4 chapters of the subject. Then, over the the next couple of months they study individually or in small groups to complete the course. They then do their exam, and off we go again.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of their 3rd subject for this group of about 20 pastors.

I think there are two keys to the success of this group.

1. The material is great, and self contained. They can work at it as and when they are able.
2. There is a great local guy, Rolando, who is the organiser, motivator, all round good guy. Without him, things would certainly be much more difficult.

Gotta go - VivaAerobus waits for no one!

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