Sunday, May 27, 2012

Exciting news

I received some exciting news over the weekend.

Regular readers will be aware that I'm involved in a program training pastors in a very isolated and disadvantaged part of the Latin American world. I've been travelling there regularly to help a developing network or tutors teach the MOCLAM courses.

Last week, two of the tutors travelled to the remotest and poorest part of the island (8 hours drive away from a famous American naval base) to spend a week teaching a new group of pastors. News from the week is that the pastors loved the material and are wanting more. They studied each night accompanied by the local frogs and I'll soon be receiving their exams. My informants tell me the marks will be great!

It would be great if you could pray for us as we try to work out the complicated logistics involved in keeping these enthusiastic pastors fed.

(The photo is a local family heading off to church)

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