Sunday, April 19, 2009

The calm before the storm...

We were woken by a very unusual sound today - thunder, accompanied by rain! This is very unusual for Monterrey - at this time of year the maximum temperatures are around 35C and the humidity is around 20%. The dust blows in from the desert and its generally hot and dry.

We've been enjoying a week off from school and all the usual routines this week - but it all starts again tomorrow. The girls will go back to school and Sarah and I are starting at a new language school. We'll be in class for 2 hrs, 3 times per week and will be trying to find regular conversation partners outside these hours. Sarah will be in the Level 1 class to try and get some grammar basics cemented to complement her growing conversation skills, and I'll be in Level 3, building on the intensive month class that I completed in March.

School, and language school will go until mid-June, when we have the long end-of-academic year holiday - almost two months. This is when it gets seriously hot in Monterrey, so we don't know what we'll be doing in that time.

If you have spare prayer time, perhaps you could be praying for us all as we get back into the routine of early mornings, driving to school and classroom work. It's been a luxurious two weeks of sleeping in and enjoying some rest.

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