Sunday, April 26, 2009

Latest on the swine flu

Hi everyone,

I guess you've heard about the swine flu outbreak by now. It started in DF (Mexico City) but has now made it here to Monterrey. There have been 10 cases and 1 death so far (although that lady had come from DF).

Now, at 10pm we have just heard that schools will be shut for the next 2 weeks - including Universities - so there will be no language school for me. I  think that decision will be reviewed in a couple of days but we have to wait and see. We are being urged to not gather in large groups, have personal contact etc.

There doesn't seem to be a great deal of worry amongst the people around us - I think they are looking forward to a bit of a holiday from school - but we'll see how that mood changes as and if the situation gets worse.

We'll certainly be praying that things don't get worse here in Mexico - perhaps you could join us in that.


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