Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A word from Sarah

We are feeling well sustained by God through people's prayers. It's wonderfully amazing to notice the number of times a day that God provides just the right strengthening, provision, language skill, friend, helper etc, at just the right time. Even trivial things like today i went to find a clothes shop that Karina had won a voucher to. I found the address, but it just looked like a suburban house. I was about to drive away when someone pulled up who clearly looked like the owner of a dress shop. Sure enough, she caught my eye, spoke to me in English, and in I went. It didn't really matter if i never went into this shop, but God takes care of the details.

There are far more valuable ways that God is caring for us, but I think the trivial demonstrate the breadth of God's care of us as individuals.

I had my best and worse language experience last week. On Tuesday I climaxed by bursting into tears on Miriam's teacher when she asked how I was. On Friday I walked along the river to talk to a stranger to practice my Spanish. The first lady said no, but the second was perfect. (There was much terror and prayers between the first and second!) She spoke to me clearly and slowly, was patient to correct me and help me to get things right, and she only used English to help me over a hurdle every now and then. We walked and talked for 40 minutes - and it was in Spanish all the way. I'm sure God gave me the gift of tongues just for the morning to give me a lift, because he knew I needed it!

The swine flu is having a huge effect on Mexico and Monterrey in particular. To cancel all schools, unis and public gatherings,  for almost two weeks, in about 6 states (more than 30million people) is a huge deal. The streets here are very quiet like very early on a Sunday morning. Shops are open, but there's just about no-one in them. Some people are wearing face masks, but not everyone.

We are perfectly well and are trying to make the most of the time that we have. We're being proactive in home schooling the girls and helping them progress in English, Spanish, maths, violin, basketball and art. Although this afternoon we all went to a friends house and sat around chatting and eating icecream in the back courtyard while 6 kids played in a huge paddling pool! (A good option when it's 32.)

Thanks again for your prayers. They are a delight to God, and sustenance for us.

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