Thursday, May 3, 2012

Safe arrival

We are very thankful that we have arrived back safely in Monterrey.

 The journey was long, but without incident. I think the only problem is that we may have left a novel one of us was reading on the plane (which in the category of what can happen on international travel isn't too bad.) All 11 suitcases, 5 packpacks and 3 violins made it happily.

 The trip was very long - on the flight from Sydney to Dallas we were watching the inflight tracker to see if we would hit 14,000km. We only made it to 13,997. That takes a long time, but everyone was comfortable. It also meant that the 1.5hrs to Monterrey seemed almost instant.

 We had a slightly longer discussion with the immigration officials than we expected, but there were no problems. We'll just have to sort out a visa a little bit quicker than I thought.

 Everything in our house is fine - some kind friends cleaned it for us and made our beds which was a great blessing. And, the car is cleaner that it ever was in our possession!

 We've already enjoyed some advantages in terms of knowing Spanish and how things work. After just one visit to the office, I've already had the phone and internet connected. One visit only! That has got to be some sort of record. (Although I now have to go to the bank to get a new card - it really would be a record if that was done in one visit.)

 Now all we need is for our body clocks to feel normal and to get used to driving on the right, and we'll be ready for action!


Anthony Douglas said...

Have a bath. A long soak after all the dry plane air does wonders for resetting body clocks. It's true! (And a far from onerous solution).

(crossing fingers that you have a bathtub)

Good to hear you're back and into the swing of things so quickly. Thanks again to all for dropping your Mexican lives to come visit us in Oz!

Robbo said...

You back from the bank yet Pete?

Glad to hear you arrived back safely. So disappointed that we couldn't get to your send off last Sunday.

Would have been a super time on Anzac day for you. one point!! amazing game.

Peter Sholl said...

I chickened out on going to the bank. Do it tomorrow. But, we did get the cat back, so the house feels complete now.