Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sometimes it is the simple things...

I had a great conversation with a guy yesterday. I've known him since we have been here in Mexico, and he called me to see if we could meet up. So we did.

He wanted to tell me lots of things - but in the end, what it came down to was that he thought he had finally "got ministry". By that he meant, he thought he'd finally worked out what ministry was about.

The great news is I think he had too!

He told me that he'd worked out that ministry is about service. Simple as that.

He'd just spent a year or so in another country, and the church he attended there did a really good job of caring for him and discipling him. During that time, because he was the recipient of so much good ministry, it really opened his eyes to what he might be able to do for others.

So now, he wants to serve. He's trying to use some of the skills he learnt overseas in terms of leading Bible study and equipping others to read the Bible for themselves, and he's helping at a friends Family Centre. All great stuff.

I had to dash off before we could finish the whole conversation, but we're now planning how I might be able help him keep walking in his newfound understanding and excitement for ministry.

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